Earth Day 2018


Earth Day! If you’re reading this, then it has already passed as it was on Sunday, April 22nd, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute! The environment doesn’t need just one day a year of attention. It needs every day. So, what is it? Some may wonder what Earth Day is. Others might even […]


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Photo caption: Former Eau Claire Poet Laureate, Bruce Taylor, reads at a Chippewa Valley Writers Guild event. Photo by Justin Patchin.   Eau Claire is a pretty great place to live if you’re a writer…we have a ton of local talent and many of those folks have dedicated themselves to ensuring there are plenty of […]

An April Villanelle

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April ‘tis the National Month of Poetry To celebrate sonnets and odes and songs And forget our woes that it is so snowy…   Although the weather feels like February, We can rally and cheer our way through, With Byron, Burns and Bukowski   All on the shelves at L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library You […]

Introverts' Club

Introverts’ Book Club

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My name is Susan, and I am an introvert. This has some real and measurable advantages. I am the opposite of a “joiner,” so my chances of being seduced into some crazy cult, for example, are zero. Unlike extroverts, who recharge by socializing, I spend my energy being with people. In fact, I love people. I […]

purple spring flowers

Spring Has Sprung: Michaela’s Book Picks


Most of us probably think of winter as a good time to sit inside by the fire and curl up with a good book. However, springtime offers us an opportunity for renewal and revitalization. I can picture it now: sitting outside on a blanket, soaking up the sun, and getting lost in a new read. […]

Postcards: Collectible Time Capsules

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Imagine waving to a friend as she leaves on vacation, then not knowing if she had arrived safely at her destination for many days, even weeks, after the fact. You rush to the mailbox day after day, waiting for word. Then, finally, there it is: a postcard! You squint to decipher your friend’s handwriting, especially […]

O (Coen) Brother(s), Where Art Thou?

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If I ever want to make my night a little quirky and fun, I know I need go no further than watching one of the many films the Coen brothers have produced and/or directed over the years. While I like some of their movies more than others, I can’t say I’ve ever seen one I […]

Kid Tested, Librarian-Mama Approved

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As my daughter Cate approaches her very first birthday, I’ve had a slight internal struggle over what to gift her for the occasion.  The sensible side of me says to stick with a couple essentials since she most likely won’t remember the presents. But the other side of me, the one who goes a little […]

Winter Blues

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I think the winter blues get all of us this time of year. I often hear “I am ready for spring” or “spring can’t get here fast enough.” I couldn’t agree more. The tail end of winter always seems too long. There are some distractions of course, the Winter Olympics I am sure has many […]

Couple Dancing

Plan to be a Good Old Man. Or Woman.

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OK, I admit it. I am somewhat plagiarizing this blog, as an article appeared in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram recently that really hit home. Not being afraid to date myself, but this summer I do turn 65, and this really got me thinking. Here are a few of the bullet points I took from […]