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Eau Claire City Directories:  In collaboration with the ResCarta Foundation, the 1880-1923 city directories for Eau Claire are now on the Library’s website.

All the directories can be searched at one time by choosing just “City Directories” or choose which one you want to look at.  (These directories and those newer than 1923 can also be found in the Library’s Reference area and in Special Collections.) You may also click below on a year to search a particular directory.

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The library has partnered with the Chippewa Valley Museum to provide access to its significant collection of photographs depicting life in Eau Claire and in the surrounding area.

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In collaboration with the ResCarta Foundation, these Eau Claire area histories from the Library’s Special Collections area are now on the Library’s website. All the histories can be searched at one time by choosing just “Local Area History” or choose which one you want to look at.

Eau Claire Area Histories
Art Work of Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties (1901)
Beginnings of Community: Eau Claire, Wisconsin 1860-1880 by Orry Walz (1985)
Breaking the Chippewa to Harness by Wisconsin-Minnesota Light and Power Company (1916)
Bussell’s Atlas of the City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Charles E. Bussell (1888)
Charter of the City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin (1872)
Chippewa Valley Business Directory (1873)
Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Vol. 1 by S.J. Clark Publishing Company (1913)
Chippewa County, Wisconsin Vol. 2 by S.J. Clark Publishing Company (1913)
Chippewa Valley Business Directory for 1873 Directories of Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Augusta, Durand, Bloomer, Eau Galle by Gorer & Ludlow, Free Press Print (1873)
Early Eau Claire by William W. Bartlett (1926)
Eau Claire County Statistical Reports, 1912-1979
Eau Claire, Heartland of the Chippewa Valley : an Illustrated History by Jane Hieb and Elizabeth Perkins (1988)
Eau Claire of To-day (191-?)
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 1850-1880:  A Case Study in Community Organization and Social Deviance by Orry C. Walz (1986)
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1850-1880: A Case Study in community Organization and Social Deviance: Research Notes from the Eau Claire Weekly Free Press, Sept., 1858-Jan., 1881 by Orry C. Walz (1986)
Eau Claire’s Carnegie Library & Historic City Hall prepared by Helen Young for the Eau Claire Landmarks Commission
Facts for the Immigrant Concerning Barron County, Wisconsin by Orville Brayton (1871)
Final Report Intensive Historic/Architectural Survey of the City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Mary Taylor (1983)
The First 100 Years: Eau Claire Police, 1872-1972  by Eau Claire, WI Police Department (1972)
Historical and Descriptive Souvenir Album of the City of Augusta, It’s People and Surroundings by C. Wes Warner (1900)
History of Barron County by Newton S. Gordon (compiled by Franklyn Custiss-Wedge) (1922)
History of Buffalo County, Wisconsin  by L. Kessinger. (1888)
History of Clark County, Wisconsin by Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge (1918)
History of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, Past and Present by W. F. Bailey. (1914)
History of Northern Wisconsin (1881)
Honor Roll, Chippewa County, Wisconsin by William F. Kirk
Howdy Neighbor: Welcome to Eau Claire by Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce
Letters of a Pioneer:  Early Lumbering Days by O. H. Ingram.  (1916)
*Lumbering on the Chippewa:  The Eau Claire Area, 1845-1885.   Dale Arthur Peterson.  (1970)
The March of Civilization:  A Story of the Development of the Cornell Country by Jennie Kean Porter (1916)
Plat Book of Chippewa County, Wisconsin by C. M. Foote (1888)
Plat Book of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. (1928?)
The Public Library in Eau Claire, 1860-2009  by Katherine Sullivan & Larry Nickel (2010)
Railroad Celebration Held at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, August 11, 1870
Remembering the Valley by Will Denson (1993)
*The Rivers Flow On; a Record of Eau Claire, Wisconsin from 1910-1960 by Lois Barland (1965)
*Sawdust City:  A History of Eau Claire, Wisconsin from the Earliest Times to 1910 by Lois Barland (1960)
Souvenir Programme, Ben Hur, Company E, 3rd National Guard
Standard Atlas of Chippewa County, Wisconsin:  Including a Plat Book of the Villages, Cities and Townships of the  County by Geo. A. Ogle & Co (1920)
Standard Atlas of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin : Including a Plat Book of the Villages, Cities, and Townships of the County by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. (1910)
*The author continues to hold the copyright to this work.  The work is available for educational purposes only and any other use of the material by anyone is prohibited without written consent by the author or subsequent copyright holders.
City of Eau Claire, Wis (1890)
City of Eau Claire, Wis by F.W. A. Pauly (1905)
Eau Claire, County Seat of Eau Claire Co. by Snyder, Van Veckten & Co. (1877)
Map of Building Zone Plan of the City of Eau Claire, Wis. / adopted by ordinance by the Common Council of Eau Claire, Wis. (1924)
Map of Eau Claire (Section 1) by Phoenix Map Co. (1875)
Map of Eau Claire (Section 2) by Phoenix Map Co. (1875)
Map of Eau Claire (Section 3) by Phoenix Map Co. (1875)
Map of Eau Claire (Section 4) by Phoenix Map Co. (1875)
Map of Eau Claire, Wis (1913)
Map of Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Eau Claire Book & Stationery Co. (1920)

Take a trip and discover the bygone days of the great logging era in Wisconsin and the Chippewa Valley, the early history of Eau Claire and more through these historical videos.

The Wisconsin Loggers Malcolm Rosholt  (1907-2005), author of The Wisconsin Logging Book. 1839-1939 (1980) and Lumbermen on the Chippewa (1982) takes a nostalgic overview of the great logging era in Wisconsin from the last half of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century.

Part 1:  King of the Woods (1989) (44:33 min.)* Takes the viewer into the lumber camps and into the woods.  Includes a re-enactment of an actual logging operation staged in a pine forest of Marathon County featuring modern day lumberjacks using axes, crosscut saws, canthooks, sleighs and horses. Part 1A  (15:16 min.) Part 1B  (15:16 min.) Part 1C  (14:01 min.)

Part 2:  Rivers and Raftsmen (1990) (42:38)* Features log driving crews, dams and sorting works on the northern rivers concluding with the rafting of lumber to market on the Wisconsin, Chippewa an Mississippi Rivers. Part 2A  (15:16 min. Part 2B  (15:16 min.) Part 2C  (12:06 min.)

Part 3:  Sawmills and Sawdust (1990) (40:10 min.)* Takes the viewer into an authentic “up and down” sawmill of the type used before the advent of the circular saw.  Live footage also includes visits to modern sawmills at Neopit and Tigerton, Wisconsin and concludes with the making of a model lumber raft, built to scale, plus old photographs of the great rafting fleets en route to market. Part 3A  (15:15 min.) Part 3B  (15:16 min.) Part 3C  (09:38 min.)

The Fallin’ of the Pine:  Logging on the Chippewa River, 1850-1900* (Produced and written by Daniel J. Perkins and Richard L. Pifer) (1986?) (15:16 min.)  History of the Chippewa Valley told through vintage pictures.

Remembering the Valley (by Will Denson) (1993) (123:30 min.)* A musical based on the early history of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  (Presented at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire June 14-26, 1993) (Director:  Merlaine Angwall Thomson) Part 1  (31:34 min.) (Note:  a “fade from black” occurs during the first four and one half minutes of Part 1) Part 2  (31:34 min.) Part 3  (31:36 min.) Part 4  (28:46 min.)

Front Door, Back Door:  a History of Changing Attitudes in the Chippewa Valley (Chippewa Valley Museum, Produced and Directed by Harry Carnes, written by Sharon Hildebrand) (1998) (26 min.)* Part 1 (17:02 min.) Uses historical and contemporary photographs and on-site photography to present the history of the use of rivers and public attitudes about rivers in the Chippewa Valley. Part 2 (7:52 min.)

View all of our logging videos on YouTube.

*This work is covered under its original copyright and is not in the public domain.  The work is available for educational purposes only and any other use of the material by anyone is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright holder or subsequent holders.

High school life in the early years of Eau Claire Senior High.

The Kodak, the annual yearbook issued by Eau Claire High School, Eau Claire Senior High and currently Memorial High School, is digitized on the library’s website from 1900 through 1923 and in print form in the library’s Special Collections from 1893 to the present. View copies of the Kodak from 1900-1923.

All copies of the Kodak are found in Special Collections and may be requested at the Information and Reference desk for use in the library.

Contact Information & Reference at 715-839-5004 or by e-mail at reference@eauclaire.lib.wi.us

The following titles are links to full-text web pages. These materials are also available from the library in book format.

Biographical History of La Crosse, Trempealeau, and Buffalo Counties, Wisconsin

Biographical Review of Dane County, Wisconsin

Biographies of Physicians and Surgeons.  1904. 

Centennial Records of the Women of Wisconsin.  1876. 

Commemorative Biographical Record of the Fox River Valley Counties of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago containing biographical sketches of prominent citizens and of many of the early settled families.

La Follette’s Autobiography a personal Narrative of Political Experiences

Notable Men of Wisconsin.  [1902]. 

Orrin Henry Ingram: May 12, 1830, October 16, 1918.  [1918]. 

Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wisconsin

Portrait and Biographical Record of Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Containing Biographical Sketches of Old Settlers and Representative Citizens of the County. 

Sketches of Wisconsin Pioneer Women.  [n.d.-author lived 1866-1925] 
Three Wisconsin Cushings: a Sketch of the Lives of Howard B., Alonzo H., and William B. Cushing, Children of the Pioneer Family of Waukesha County.  1910. 

The United States Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-Made Men Wisconsin Volume

Description and Travel
Frontier Retreat on the Upper Ohio.

History of the Discovery of the Northwest by John Nicolet in 1634: with a Sketch of His Life.  [c1881].

The Journals of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Sergeant John Ordway: Kept on the Expedition of Western Exploration, 1803-1806.  1916.

Travels through the Interior Parts of North America, in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1798.  1779. 

Wau-Bun, the “Early Day” in the North-West.

Early Life in Wisconsin
Between Memory and Reality: Family and Community in Rural Wisconsin, 1870-1970.  1992. 
Early Conditions of the Chippewa Valley. (977.54 B692e Wisc)

Early Days in the Chippewa Valley. (977.54 B882e Wisc)

Early days in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 1848-1900.  1909.  (977.567 L832e)
The Emigrant’s hand Book and Guide to Wisconsin  (325.3 F877e)

An English Settler in Pioneer Wisconsin; the Letters of Edwin Bottomley, 1842-1850.  (977.5 W753c v25)

The First Chapter of Norwegian Immigration, (1821-1840) Its Causes and Results.  1895.  (325.2481 An24f)

A History of the Norwegian Immigration to the United States from the Earliest Beginning Down to the Year 1848.  1909.  (325.2 F65h)

The Scandinavian Element in the United States.  [c1914].  (325.248 B114s)

Stagecoach and Tavern Days in the Baraboo Region (977.57 C674s, Wisc)

The Taverns and Stages of Early Wisconsin.  1915.  (977.503 L117t)

Geography and Geology
The Antiquities of Wisconsin, as Surveyed and Described.  [1855].  (571.9 L31a)

The Building and Ornamental Stones of Wisconsin.  1898.  (553.5 B856b, WISC)

The Geography and Economic Development of Southeastern Wisconsin. (917.75 W58g)

Geography and Industries of Wisconsin.  1913.  (917.75 W581g)

Geology of Wisconsin Survey of 1873-1879, vols. I, II, III, IV. (557 w75)

Government and Politics
The Bench and Bar of Wisconsin.  1882.  (340.09 R251b)

Co-operative Communities in Wisconsin.  1904.  (335.9775 M189c, WISC)

A Political History of Wisconsin.  c1899.  (977.5 T38)

Wisconsin; an Experiment in Democracy.  1912.  (320.9 H85)

Wisconsin Blue Book.  1870-.  (328 W75)

The Wisconsin Idea.  1912.  (320.9 M13)

Wisconsin: Its State and Local Government with the Constitution as Amended. 1896.  (342.775 H979w, WISC)

Indians of North America
History of the Ojibways, Based upon Traditions and Oral Statements.  1885.  (970.3 Oj3w2)

The Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation. 1850.  (970.3 Oj3c)

Lakes and Rivers
The Abandoned Shore-lines of Eastern Wisconsin.  1907.  (551.458 G58a, WISC)

Historic Waterways: Six Hundred Miles of Canoeing Down the Rock, Fox, and Wisconsin Rivers.  1890.  (917.75 T428h, WISC)

Old Times on the Upper Mississippi; the Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854-1863.  (917.7 M551o) 

On the Lakes of Southeastern Wisconsin.  1902/1910.  (551.482 F362o, WISC)

Down the Great River; Embracing an Account of the Discovery of the True Source of the Mississippi, Together with Views, Descriptive and Pictorial, of the Cities, Towns, Villages and Scenery on the Banks of the River, as Seen During a Canoe Voyage of Over Three Thousand Miles from It’s Head Waters to the Gulf of Mexico.  1891.  (917.7 G469d)

Trouting on the Brule River, or Lawyers Summer-Wayfaring in the Northern Wilderness.  1879.  (799.1755 K583t)

The Water Powers of Wisconsin.  1908.  (557.7 Sm61w)

Wisconsin and Its Resources: With Lake Superior, It’s Commerce and Navigation; Including a Trip Up the Mississippi, and a Canoe Voyage on the St. Croix and Brule Rivers to Lake Superior; to which Are Appended, the Constitution of the State, with the Routes of the Principal Railroads, List of Postoffices, etc.  1857.  (977.5 R51)

American Lumberman: the Personal History and Public and Business Achievements of…Eminent Lumbermen of the United States.  1905-1906.  (OVERSIZE 634.98 Am35a) Volume I, Volume II

History of the Lumber Industry of America.  1906-07.  (634.98 D361h)

Lumbermen on the Chippewa (634.98209 R73L WISC)

On the Forest Conditions of Northern Wisconsin. 1898.  (634 R74o)

The Wisconsin Logging Book, 1839-1939 (OVERSIZE 634.982 R73w)

The Army of the United States; Historical Sketches of Staff and Line with Portraits of Generals-In-Chief.  1896.  (355 R61)

Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, from Its Organization, September 29, 1789, to March 2, 1903.  1903.  (355 H36) Volume I, Volume II

Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin.  1909.  (598.2 C81b)

Natural History of Western Wild Animals and guide for Hunters, Trappers, and Sportsman. (591.5 c249n)


Four Years on Wheels: or, Life as a Presiding Elder.  1880.  (251 C191f)

Early Episcopalianism in Wisconsin (283.775 T42e Wisc)

History of Methodism in Wisconsin. In Four parts. Part III being written by Rev. James Lawson.  1890.  (287.B43h)

History of the Churches and Ministers Connected with the Presbyterian and  Congregational Convention of Wisconsin: and of the American Home Missionary Society in the State for the Past Ten Years; with and Appendix.  1861.  (285 C56h, WISC)

History of the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches and Ministers in Wisconsin.  Including and Account of the Organization of the Convention, and the Plan of the Union.  1851.  (285 P34h)

Past Made Present the First Fifty years of the First Presbyterian Church and Congregation of Beloit, Wisconsin. (285 R815p)

Rural Highways of Wisconsin.  1906.  (625 H79)

Yesterday and Today: a History of the Chicago and North Western Railway System.  c1910.  (385.06577 St42y3)

Wisconsin – Civil War
An Artilleryman’s Diary. (973.781 J718a Wisc)

The Battle of Gettysburg.  1908.  (973.7349 H273b)

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War…Being for the Most Part Contributions by the Union and Confederate Officers.  1887.  (OVERSIZE 973.7 B322j)

Bibliography of State Participation in the Civil War 1861-1866.  1913.  (973.7 Un32)

The Camp, the Battle Field, and the Hospital: or, Lights and Shadows of the Great Rebellion.  Including Adventures of Spies and Scouts, Thrilling Accidents, Daring Exploits, Heroic Deeds, Wonderful Escapes, sanitary and Hospital Scenes, Prison Scenes.  [1866].  (973.7 B782c)

Capture and Escape: a Narrative of Army and Prison Life.  1908.  (973.781 K292c, WISC)

The Chattanooga Campaign: with Especial Reference to Wisconsin’s Participation Therein.  1911.  (973.735 F553c)

Civil War Messages and Proclamations of Wisconsin War Governors.  1912.  (353.9135 T428c)

Economic History of Wisconsin During the Civil War Decade.  1916.  (330.9775 M545e)

The Military History of Wisconsin: a Record of the Civil and Military Patriotism of the State, in the War for the Union, with a History of the campaigns in Which Wisconsin Soldiers Have Been Conspicuous-Regimental Histories-Sketches of  Distinguished Officers-the Role of the Illustrious Dead-Movements of the Legislature and State Officers, etc.  1866.  (973.7475 Q44m, WISC)

A Narrative of Service with the Third Wisconsin Infantry.  1912.  (973.781 H592, WISC) Volume I, 

Volume II

Old Abe, the Eighth Wisconsin War Eagle: a Full Account of His Capture and Enlistment, Exploits in War and Honorable as Well as Useful Career in Peace.

1885.  (977.503 F669o)

Report of the Wisconsin Monument Commission Appointed to Erect a Monument at Andersonville, Georgia, with Other Interesting Matter Pertaining to the Prison.  1911.  (973.771 W753r, WISC)

Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865.  1886.  (973.7 W75)

The Soldier bird. “Old Abe”: the Live War Eagle of Wisconsin, the Served a Three Years’ Campaign in the Great Rebellion.  1876. (973.7475 B275s, WISC)

A Soldier’s Story of the Siege of Vicksburg.  From the Diary of Osborn H. Oldroyd…With Confederate Accounts from Authentic Sources.  1885.  (973.753 Ol1s)

The Story of Old Abe : Wisconsin’s Civil War Hero (Juvenile Fiction Rosholt)

Story of the Service of Company E: and the Twelfth Wisconsin Regiment, Veteran Volunteer Infantry, in the War of the Rebellion.  Beginning with September 7th, 1861 and Ending with July 21st, 1865.  1893.  (973.7 R67s WISC)

Tabular Statements of the Census Enumeration and the Agricultural, Dairying and Manufacturing Interests of the State of Wisconsin. :Also, Alphabetical List of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Civil War Residing in the State June 1, 1905.  1906.  (317.75 W752t, WISC)

Tabular Statements of the Census Enumeration and the Agricultural, Mineral, and Manufacturing Interests  of the State of Wisconsin.  Also Alphabetical List of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Late War Residing in the State June 20, 1895.  1896.  (317.75 W811t 1895)

A View of the Vicksburg Campaign: a Paper Read before the Madison Literary Club, October 14, 1907.  1908.  (973.7344 V71v, WISC)

Wisconsin at Shiloh (973.731 W753w WISC)

Wisconsin At Vicksburg : report of the Wisconsin-Vicksburg Monument Commission, including the story of the campaign and siege of Vickburg in 1865 with special reference tot he activities therin of Wisconsin troops (973.7344 R671 w, Wisc)

Wisconsin in the War of the Rebellion; a History of All Regiments and Batteries the State Has Sent to the Field, and Deeds of Her Citizens, Governors and Other Military Officers, and State and National Legislators to Suppress the Rebellion.  1866.  (973.7 L94)

Wisconsin Losses in the Civil War: a List of the Names of the Names of Wisconsin Soldiers Killed in Action, Mortally Wounded or Dying from Other Causes in the Civil War, Arranged According to Organization, and Also in a Separate Alphabetical List.  1915.  (973.76 Es81w, WISC)

Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865: Arranged Alphabetically.  1914.  (973.7 W751w)

Wisconsin Women in the War Between the States.  1911.  (973.715 H941w)

Wisconsin Counties – History
Commemorative Biographical Record of the Fox River Valley Counties of Brown, OUtagamie and Winnebago…(977.56 C763f WISC)

History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties, Wisconsin (977.54 B86 WISC)

A History of Columbia County, Wisconsin : a narrative account of its historical progress, its people and its principle interests (977.581 J72h)  Vol I, Vol II

History of Columbia County, Wisconsin, Containing an Account of It’s Settlements… (977.578 H629c WISC)

History of Dane County, Wisconsin : Containing an Account of It’s settlement, Growth, Development and Resources…(977.583 H629d WISC)

History of Dodge County, Wisconsin : Containing… It’s Early Settlement, Growth… (977.582 D664h2 WISC)

History of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin: Past and Present; Including and Account of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County.  1914.  (977.545 Ea8)

History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin: Containing…War Record, Biographical Sketches…History of Wisconsin…Etc..  1880.  (977.568 F732h)

History of Grant County, Wisconsin  an account of…  (977.577 B982h WISC)

History of Green County, Wisconsin, Together With Biographies of Representative Citizens… (977.586 H629g WISC)

History of Iowa County, Wisconsin, Containing an Account of Its Settlement, Growth, Development and Resources (977.578 H629i Wisc)

History of La Fayette County, Wisconsin : Containing an Account of Its Settlement… (977.579 B982h)

A History of Manitowoc County. (977.567 P731h Wisc)

History of Rock County, Wisconsin:…Its Early Settlement, Growth…(977.587 H629r WISC)

History of Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.  1917.  (977.549 C947h)

History of  Walworth County, Wisconsin, Containing An Account of Its Settlement, Growth, Developement… (977.589 H629w WISC)

History of Waukesha County, Wisconsin : Containing an Account of Its settlements…(977.593 H629)

History of Waupaca County, Wisconsin (977.538 W137h, Wisc)

History, Winnebago County, Wisconsin: Its Cities, Towns, Resources, People.  1908.  (977.564 L446h)

Madison, Dane County and Surronding Towns… (977.583 P219m)

Memoirs of Vernon County : From the Earliest times Down to the Present (577.573 R631m)

Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock  County, Wisconsin (577.587 P838r WISC)

Standard History of Sauk County, Wisconsin (977.576 C674s, Wisc)  Vol I ,Vol II

Wisconsin – History
Book of Words: a Pageant of the Old Northwest.  1911.  (791.624 St47b, WISC)

The Convention of 1846.  1919.  (977.5 W753c v27)

An Encyclopedia of Free Masonry and Its Kindred Sciences: Comprising Whole range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as Connected with the Institution by Albert G Mackey. 1889. (366.1 M199e)

Financial History of Wisconsin.  1908.  (353.007 P51f)

History of Agriculture in Wisconsin.  1922.  (630.9 Sch1h)

History of Northern Wisconsin, Containing an Account of Its Settlement, Growth, Development, and Resources.  1881.  (OVERSIZE 977.5 H62)

History of the Territory of Wisconsin, from 1836 to 1848/ Preceded by an Account of Some events During the Period in Which It Was Under the Dominion of Kings, States or Other Territories to the Year 1836.  1885.  (977.5 St8)

The History of Wisconsin.  In Three Parts, Historical, Documentary, and Descriptive.  1854.  (977.5 Sm68h, WISC)

History of Wisconsin Under the Dominion of France. (977.501 H353h)
An Illustrated History of the State of Wisconsin.  Being a Complete Civil, Political, and Military History of the State, from its First Exploration Down to 1875.  1875.  (977.5 T881) 

An Illustrated History of Wisconsin from Prehistoric to Present Periods: the Story of the State Interspersed with Realistic and Romantic Events.  1893.  (977.5 M429i, WISC)

Industrial Resources of Wisconsin.  1853.  (977.5 G85)

Leading Events of Wisconsin History; the Story of the State.  1898.  (977.5 L525L)

The Making of Wisconsin.  c1908.  (977.5 Sm53m)

Memorial Record of the Wisconsin, Containing Sketches of the Lives and Careers of the Members of the Constitutional Conventions of 1846 and 1847-8.  With a History of Early Settlement in Wisconsin.  1880.  (977.503 T257m)

A Modern Herculaneum: Story of the New Richmond Tornado.  1900.  (977.541 Ep54m)

Movement for Statehood, 1845-1846.  1918.  (977.5 W753c v. 26)

Negro Slavery in Wisconsin (326 D283n)

Our Wisconsin: a School History of the Badger State. [1920].  (977 D74)

Stories of the Badger State.  1900. (977.5 T42)

Wisconsin at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. (977.5 W75s)

Wisconsin: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form.  1906.  (977.5 P33w)

Wisconsin Domesday Book: Town Studies, Volume One.  1924.  (LARGE OVERSIZE 977.5 W753d)

Wisconsin Plays; Oringal One-Act Plays From the Repatory of the Wisconsin Dramtic Society, (822.8 W75)

Wisconsin in Story and Song: Selections from the Prose and Poetry of Badger State Writers.  [c1916].  (810 R76w, WISC)

Wisconsin in Three Centuries, 1634-1905; Narrative of Three centuries in the Making of an American Commonwealth Illustrated with Numerous Engravings of Historic Scenes and Landmarks, Portraits and Facsimiles of Rare Prints, Documents and Old maps.  [c1906].  (977.5 C15)

Wisconsin, Its Story and Biography, 1848-1913.  1914.  (vols. 1-8).  (977.5 Us3)

Wisconsin – War
The 32nd Division in the World War, 1917-1919 Issued by the Joint War History Commissions of Michigan and Wisconsin.  [1920 (940.41 J668d)

Alphabetical List of Battles All Old Wars, War of the Rebellion, Spanish and Philipine Wars, with Dates From 1754 to 1900. (973 St81a)

Memoirs of France and the Eighty-Eighth Division, being a Review without Official Character of the Experiences of the “Cloverleaf” Division in the Great World War from 1917 to 1919, With Special Histories of the 352nd Inf., 337th F.A. and 339th F.A..  1920.  (940.917 M51)

Wisconsin in the World War; and Account of the Activities of Wisconsin citizens During the Great World War, Giving in Part the Record of a Loyal State and Acknowledging in Parts Its Devotion and Untiring Service to the Nation and to Its Ideals for a Lasting and Benevolent Democracy.  1919.  (P688w, WISC)

Wisconsin’s Gold Star List: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Nurses from the Badger State Who Died in the Federal Service during the World War 1925. (940.467 G86w)

Wisconsin‘s War Record.  1919.  (940.3775 H735w, WISC)

Letters and Documents from the Finch and Pierce families, who lived in the Chippewa Valley.  These letters were donated to the library from the family.

1812.04.14-Letter to William Finch from Isaac

1812.09.06-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1812.10.30-Letter to Patty Finch from Isaac Finch

1813.03.18-Letter to William Finch from Isaac Finch

1813.03.27-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1814.07-Letter to friends from Isaac Finch


1814.10.20-Letter to Martha Finch from her brother A. Barber

1829.02.04-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1829.04.27-Letter to Ruhamah C. Finch from Father

1830.01.14-Letter to Isaac Finch from daughter RK Finch

1830.01.14-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1830.01.17-Letter to Father from Eliza A Finch


1830.02.25-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1830.03.04 Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1830.03.11-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1830.03.18-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1830.03.20-Letter to Martha Finch from Isaac Finch

1830.03.21-Letter to Isaac Finch from Isaac C. and Ruhamah K. Finch

1830.03.27-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1830.04.08 Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch


1830.04.28-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1830.05.05-Letter to Isaac Finch from Martha Finch

1831.01.15-Letter to Catherine Finch from Isabel Finch

1832.05.15-Letter to Benjamin Pierce from Catherine Pierce

1848.09.04-Letter to Benjmin Carter and Kathrine R. Pierce From Henry and Jane Finch


1851.05.20-Letter to Catherine R Pierce from lawyer

1857.12.30-Marriage license Henry J Pierce

1860.05.12-Letter to Mother from Henry I Pierce

1860.06.10-Letter from Henry I Pierce

1861.08.02-Letter to Nettie from niece Anna Belle


1863.02.01-Letter to wife from Henry I Pierce


1864.08.03-Letter to brother Earl from Henry Pierce


1864.08.18-Letter to brother from Henry Pierce

1864.08.28-Letter to Earl Pierce from Catherine Finch Pierce

1864.11.06-Letter to brother Earl from Celia G. C. Pierce

1865.04.16-Letter to brother from Celia G. Pierce


1865.12.31 Letter to son fom B.C. Pierce


1867.03.26 Letter to brother Earl from Henry Pierce


1867.05.01 Letter to brother Earl from Henry Pierce


1872.01.30-Letter to Earl Pierce from Belle Pierce Thorpe


1876-Letter to Anna Belle from sister Katherine Pierce

1876.04.09-Letter to Harry Pierce from Grandma


1877.03-Letter to Harry and Katie from Grandma Pierce

1877.03.09-Letter to Harry Pierce from Grandma


1877.03.29-Letter to Harry Pierce from Grandma

1877.11.17-Letter to Anna B. Pierce from Mother


1878.05.13-Letter to wife from Benjamin Carter Pierce


1878.05.15-Letter to Anna Belle Pierce from Benjamin Carter Pierce


1878.08.26-Letter to Anna B. Pierce from Mother


1879.02.09-Letter to Harry Pierce from LR Pierce


1881.03.13 Letter to Harry Pierce from Grandma


1881.03.18.Letter to Harry Pierce from Grandma


1883.03.23 Letter to Daisy and Carrie Pierce from Grandma


1884.01.24 Letter to Daisy Finch from Grandma

1886.03.09 Letter to H.I. Pierce from Eli Clough


1888.10.29 Letter to Harry Pierce from Marvin Phillips


1908.07.28 Letter to Henry I Pierce from Celia Pierce


1908.08.21 Letter to Henry I Pierce from Celia Pierce


1909.12.16 Letter to Anna Pierce Mansfield from Mother


1910.02.02 Letter to Anna Pierce Mansfield from Mother


1918.05.14 Death certificate Harry Stuart Pierce

Undated Letters
Letter to a Finch from Martha Finch

Letter to a Finch from Martha Finch

Letter from Grandpa Finch

Letter to E.J. Finch

Letter to Kate

Letter to Mother from daughter

Letter to Mother from William Pierce

1884.04.21 Western Union telegram to Henry J

1885.12.31 Wedding invitation H.L. Pierce

1892.03.05 Henry Pierce-military service in the civil war


1903.04 Wedding invitation from Henry J Pierce for daughter Daisy

1909.06.17 Funeral booklet for Henry J. Pierce


1910.05.03 Funeral booklet for Celia Gilbert Pierce

1918.05.14 Death certificate Harry Stuart Pierce

Invitation to Mr. Finch from Mr and Mrs Branch