Community Building Event

Change can be exciting, scary, interesting, uncomfortable, and wonderful. Sometimes it happens all at once.

If you have visited the library in the past several months you may have noticed more than just new materials to check out. There’s new furniture, re-imagined spaces, and new faces to help you. The library is working hard to find new ways to serve our ever growing, and changing community. To adapt to the needs of our community we have added more staff members, a Community Resources Specialist, and an Early Literacy Outreach Librarian.

Libby Richter, our Community Resources Specialist, is a certified social worker willing to help customers address challenges in their life, and connect customers with their community. Jerissa Koenig, the new Early Literacy Outreach Librarian, has already been hard at work finding new and innovative ways to help young children fall in love with reading.

These changes are all so exciting, and we want you to be a part of it! We are hosting a Community Building event on Thursday July 25th from 6pm to 8pm to celebrate our new connections to the Eau Claire community. Come meet Libby and Jerissa, and have some light refreshments. You will also be able to check out our new Braille printer, see which spaces we have updated, and take a peek at the plans for your newly envisioned public library!

Hands reading braille. As a library, we understand that we need change to fit the needs of our community, whether the change is hard or easy. We are making changes here, so that you can make changes for you or your family. The library is a place where children can learn to read, learn to love the mysteries of the world, where they can grow up and hang out with their friends. As adults, the library is a place where you can go to get help, whether it is finding a book, or finding out which community agency is going to help you overcome a barrier. As we age, the library will help you keep up-to-date with the newest technology, or connect with people. Your library is a safe place for everyone. We are already thinking towards the future, what classes can be offered to help you be successful, or to find new spaces will best meet your needs. Swing by the library, and let us know what change we could be a part of in your world.



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