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Freegal Music+ | Staff Picks

Cheap Queen by King Princess

Selected by Reference Services

“King Princess takes us on tour of sizzling grooves and sultry dream pop in their woefully underrated 2019 debut album.”

Top Tracks: “Prophet,” “Tough on Myself,” “If You Think It’s Love,” “Back of a Cab”

Ancient Future by Dwight Trible

Selected by Reference Services

“Released in March of 2023, Ancient Future is an impassioned enterprise in free-form funk. Brimming with ethereal tones and galvanic vocals, Trible’s newest vision of cosmic jazz is not to be missed.”

Top Tracks: “Elements,” “Beach Vibes,” “African Drum”

Summer Sessions Vol. 1 by Causa Sui

Selected by Reference Services

“Originating from Denmark, Causa Sui channels the blistering energy of scorched summer and distills a saga of spellbinding Krautrock.”*

*Krautrock is a jazz-adjacent fusion of psychedelic rock and avant-garde composition, focusing on improvisation around minimalist riffs to create mesmeric soundscapes.

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