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Genre Alert: Women’s Fiction

For as long as I can remember I have been a romance novel lover.  I used to sneak them out of my mom’s stash in the basement and stay up late reading them under the covers with a flashlight.  Over the years I have also read other genres, mystery books for example, but romance has always been my one true love.  However over the past few years (as I inch towards and into my 40’s I am afraid) another genre has been competing for my preferred genre – Women’s Fiction.

index (1)What is Women’s Fiction you ask?  Women’s Fiction shares some characteristics with romance novels.  Both feature mostly women authors with a female being the center of the story, and like romance women’s fiction often has a romantic story line.  However, womeindex (2)n’s fiction books are more character driven, focusing on the female lead of the story, and if there is a romantic story line it’s in the background.  Women’s fiction novels feature more mature women, who are married index (3)already and have children or who are going through a major life change.  Their character’s challenges might be career related or involving their grown children or an ongoing marital issue. Their plot often features groups of women, sisters, best friends or co-workers and the focus is on those friendships and family groups.  Luckily for those of us who prefer a happy ending, women’s fiction almost always gives you that satisfaction.  You might shed a tear or two before you get there though!

Intrigued?  Here are a few go to fiction authors to get started with!

Mary Kay Andrews
Jodi Picoult
Jennifer Weiner
Barbara Delinsky
Emily Giffin

index (4)On a final note I wanted to mention my favorite new author, Stephanie Evanovich.  Technically her books probably lean a little more towards romance or chick-lit (which might be the subject of another post!) than women’s fiction, but her first two novels were funny, sexy and very satisfying!  Start with her first novel Big Girl Panties.

Let me know what your favorite Women’s Fiction authors or novels are!  I love finding a new author!


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