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Get Your Party Started with Our “Holiday Mixtapes”

Remember in high school when you had a crush on someone and thought the best way to really get their attention and express your true feelings was to create a mixtape for them? You’d spend hours pouring over your recordings to create just that perfect blend of disinterest (I’m just sharing some tunes I think you might like) and desperation (I like Dinosaur, Jr., too!) to win over your recipient’s heart. Now you can create your mixtape masterpieces digitally to share with everyone! If you have an Eau Claire library card and a Freegal account, you can once again experience the joy of finding just the perfect song to precede or follow your musical centerpiece to express just the right emotion, and what better time to express our emotions in a musical way than during the holidays?

Want to create some mixtapes playlists to celebrate the holidays of your own? 

Step 1. First things first, set up your account. It’s really easy! You can download an app from the app store or Google Play. From there, type in your zip code, select “L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library,” enter your 10-digit library card number, your last name, accept their terms and conditions, and you are good to go! (You can opt-in to the twice weekly email reminder for free downloads or just hit cancel to ignore).

Step 2. Start browsing for music. One of the best ways to discover new music on Freegal is by browsing existing playlists. Search through the Featured Playlists, or use the Search box to find specific songs or artists you know you like! With 16 million+ songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of artists, you are bound to find something.

image of playlist button in Freegal

Step 3. When you have located a song you would like to add to a playlist, click the “add to a playlist or create new playlist” button to the right of the song title.

Step 4. Click Create Playlist. In the new window that opens, enter a name for your playlist, add an optional description, and click Create New Playlist. Keep hitting the Playlist Icon next to the selections you wish to add to your playlist.

Step 5. When you are finished adding songs, click on the My Music button on the left side of the screen and navigate to Playlists. Your holiday masterpiece will be ready to stream.

Step 6. (optional) If you want to share your playlist with the library, click on the gear icon to the right of the playlist’s title, and select Share to Library. Your playlist will be approved by library staff and available within one week of submission and the entire community will be able to share in your celebration of music!

For some inspiration, here are four holiday playlists to get you started…

Happy Hanukkah Playlist 

Happy Hanukkah Playlist Cover Image

Spirit of Kwanzaa Playlist

Spirit of Kwanzaa playlist cover image

Merry Little Twist-mas Playlist

Merry Little Twist-mas Playlist

Global New Year’s Celebration Playlist

Global New Year's Celebration playlist cover

Click on the images or links above to hear the playlists and Happy Holiday listening!


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