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My name is Susan, and I am an introvert. This has some real and measurable advantages. I am the opposite of a “joiner,” so my chances of being seduced into some crazy cult, for example, are zero. Unlike extroverts, who recharge by socializing, I spend my energy being with people. In fact, I love people. I chose a profession where I not only work in a team environment, but our shared goal is to help everyone in the community. I’m not shy, and I like to think I’m approachable. I hardly ever lurk near the edge of a room staring at my own feet looking vaguely creepy. I am not anti-social; I’m just pro-solitude. I have a lot of solitary hobbies, the foremost being reading.

Now the downside of introversion for me is that I really enjoy discussing books, but joining so much as a book club sends up some red flags. We’re talking about a commitment here, during which I will be physically present with other people at a regularly scheduled time and place. When other people are expecting you, it’s rude to say “Sorry, I’m just not that into you at this exact moment.” I can’t prove that a heightened aversion to disappointing people is directly linked to introversion, but I’ve got some pretty strong anecdotal evidence supporting that notion.

Flat Broke with Two GoatsLuckily for me, there’s Big Library Read (BLR), a global, online e-book club. In conjunction with Wisconsin’s Digital Library (Overdrive), BLR offers on-demand titles for users all over the world to download and discuss for free. I am excited to announce that BLR titles are now also available as e-audiobooks, perfect for the busy introvert on-the-go. Best yet, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library adds a local flavor to the club by hosting its own book discussion on Goodreads. Visit our Big Library Read page for more information and help getting started.

The latest BLR title, Flat Broke with Two Goats, just became available today. If you are a paper-person don’t fret, “book-book” copies are also available. I’m really looking forward to this story, which is a memoir of a family’s experiences returning to the land after a personal debt crisis. I’ve got a feeling that there will be a lot of laughs to be had as well as learning. Read more about the book here, and I hope to see you on the Goodreads discussion page


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