Keep Moving, Body and Soul

Lately I have been hearing more and more people say that they aren’t going to make a New Year’s resolution; the reasons vary, but the one I hear most often is that the goals set are too strict or the motivation to follow through with the resolution wears off. I must be strange because I love nothing more than the start of the New Year, which to me symbolizes a fresh start for any goals I might have.

This year my biggest resolution is continuing to eat healthier (see my December blog post) and to be more active. I know that seems like a huge goal, but to me when the goal is less specific, I can hit some roadblocks and still be on track. A huge thing that will help me fulfill my goal of being more active is the fact that my husband and I decided that we are going to sign up and run the Eau Claire Half Marathon this year. We have done several 5K runs together, and some fun runs with our boys, but this is the biggest challenge we have set for ourselves so far!

We both looked over several different training plans in order to train for the big day, and we both decided on a different one. His long run is longer than my longest one, and he is a much faster runner than me. His goal is to run the whole race and mine is to just finish the race! On race day I will not be ashamed if I end up walking a little bit (although I plan to run as much as possible)!

raceThe thing I love about my half marathon plan is the two days of cross training that according to the suggestions could involve yoga. I LOVE yoga! I have been doing yoga off and on since I discovered it about 10 years ago. For the last three years I have been consistently doing yoga 2 or 3 times a week at a variety of places. A take a class through work on my lunch hour, and I love the yoga studio Latitude 44 which specializes in hot yoga. I also take advantage of some free resources to practice at home. My favorite online resource is a YouTube channel called Yoga with Adrienne, she posts free full length videos on her channel on a regular basis. The library also has a large selection of yoga videos and books that I have made use of many times in the past. Check out several different videos and decide what kind appeals to you the most!

For me yoga isn’t just exercise, I feel better after a good yoga class both physically and mentally. It definitely helps with my stress and anxiety levels that go along with being a working mom. Yoga grounds me, helps me remain calm in difficult situations, and makes me, I think, a better person and a better wife and mother.



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