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Stuck for a good book? Let library staff do the browsing for you!

We can create a personalized bundle of books and other materials based upon your interests. Staff will put up to five items on hold for each participating adult.

Ready? Just fill out the form below! Please allow five business days for your request to be fulfilled. You will be notified when your items are ready for pick up. You may request one new bundle each month.

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  • For example: fiction, nonfiction, World War II, animals, or psychology.
  • For example: regular print, large print, audiobooks, or graphic novels.
  • For example: a fast pace, a feel-good story, suspense, romance, humor, new-to-you information, or thought-provoking text.
  • For example: sexual content, violence, adult language, religion, death, or dark humor.
  • Check the box below if you'd like additional suggestions for books and media you might like. (Not only will we prepare five items for your bundle, we'll also include a list of book and author suggestions based on the information you've provided.)
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