Planning your Perfect Summer Vacation

One of the highlights in my family’s year is our summer vacation. We have always done something in the summer since our boys have been babies, sometimes a simple camping trip for a weekend or a week up north in a cabin, but some years we branch out a bit and plan something bigger. We have taken several big road trips, toured many national parks and visited Disney World. This year we are headed to the Redwood National Forest, and I am already counting the days.

If you are anredwoodsything like me the planning of the trip is almost as fun as the trip itself. Especially during these long, dreary, cold winters and wet, cold springs. I use a variety of things to plan our family trips including sending for brochures and maps and checking out many websites. However, I also always use library resources. I request the most recent travel books for our destination and pour over every detail. Travel guides always are available in book format, but I have noticed over the last year that you can also get the most recent editions through Overdrive as well.  I think this will be useful as we head out for California as I can put it on my iPad and not have to lug a big travel book around. Some of you may not know that we also carry travel brochures and maps from various parts of the U.S., many donated from patrons after their own trips. These are available to check out as brochures to help you with your own planning.

Wherever you are headed in the next year be sure to use the library as part of your planning process and Bon Voyage!


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