We need your help!  If you have a headstone image to share for one of our records, please feel free to send it to us by using the “add information to record” link found on the obituary record page.  Even better, take the picture with your mobile device or camera with GPS enabled.  This will allow us to display the location of the headstone along with the image, like this.

Just click on the “Add information to the record link” found on the record page.  You can include pictures as well.

Absolutely!  Just click on the “Submit Obituary” record link at the top of the search page.  You can include pictures as well.

Please send an email to Cumberland Public Library.  If it regarding a record in our system, please be sure to include the record number in your message.

Some of the record fields can be used for sorting. Click on the “Sort” dropdown to see and utilize the sort fields option.  You can also click on each the respective column heading as well.



When conducting a search, we search for records across multiple sources at one time.  If records are found, a green box with the number of records retreived will be displayed.


The information provided in this field relates to the source, the date and page where the information was found.  A key for the information is provided if you click on the “Details” button when viewing the record.


Our Genealogists have been adding headstones to existing records and continue to do so.   Headstone images are taken at the site, which can provide additional information such as the actual location of the headstone within the cemetery.  If this additional information is provided, you will notice a satellite image below the headstone.  Please note that the location information is approximate.



Some of our records will contain a burial address with a “Locate” link included.  When viewing a record, click on the link and it will provide the cemetery location within Google maps.


Our pages have been redesigned to accommodate mobile devices as well.  Try it out on your phone or tablet!

The additional resources that were located on the left side of the old history search page can be found here.  We apologize for any inconvenience but it will enhance the overall user experience.