An Impossible Thing to Say (Book Review)

An Impossible Thing To Say, a review  

An Impossible Thing To Say by Arya Shahi is a beautiful book written in verse. As you read this book it has you questioning things about your own culture and language that you wouldn’t have thought about before . This book is all about self discovery and unveiling all the questions around having a first crush and learning how to understand your culture and language in a world that doesn’t understand it to begin with. This book is quite the journey but its very beautiful and realistic at the same time.

Book Synopsis

Omid needs the right words to connect with his newly met grandfather and distant Iranian heritage, words to tell a special girl what she means to him and to show everyone that he truly belongs in Tucson, Arizona, the only home he’s ever known. Neither the school play’s Shakespearean English nor his parents’ Farsi seems up to the task, and it’s only when Omid delves into the rhymes and rhythms of rap music that he starts to find his voice. But even as he does so, an act of terrorism transforms familiar accents into new threats. Then a family member disappears, and it seems everyone but Omid knows why. When words fail altogether and violence takes their place, what will Omid do next?

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