Maker Monday: Origami Butterfly

Bored and stuck at home? Add some colorful shapes to your windows! The #aworldofhearts initiative encourages people to add paper hearts to their windows to lift everyone’s spirits during this time of COVID. Adding color will lighten up your home and be something fun to notice for people walking around your neighborhood. But, why not butterflies, I say!

Origami Butterfly

Origami may seem intimidating, but this pattern is super simple.

All you need for this activity is square pieces of paper, tape, and colored pencils (optional). Junk mail paper, newspaper, or cut-up paper bags could also work. I used boring notebook paper and added color with markers and colored pencils.

Color your paper ahead of time or add color after you’ve folded your butterfly. Once complete, tape your butterfly to a window of choice.

You’ll have a kaleidoscope of butterflies in no time! Let us know how it went at and share your photos.

Step-by-Step Instructions (with pictures!) by Go Origami