WRITE: My Perfect Library, I

As a part of the Teen Summer Library Program, we’re asking you to write about 100 words on your perfect library. We want to hear about something you’d find in that library (besides books) – it could be an item, a feeling, or something else entirely.

To kick us off, here are two teen responses:

Miriam M., 7th Grade

In my perfect library, I would have a cafe and it would have food and coffee so if you have to study or want to read you could have snacks, coffee, and if you don’t like coffee then you can get other drinks! It would be good for the library because they can get money when people buy snacks and drinks. It would also make people want to go to the library more because they will be able to study or read and be able to have a snack at the same time! In conclusion, I think that a cafe would be a good library improvement because it will benefit both the people and the library.

Olivia O., 6th Grade

My perfect library would be lounges all around just for relaxing and reading. Also there would be a magical area where they would guess what book you want and it would float to you like a magical realm.  

Of course there would be all sorts of books and artwork just like the AWESOME library we have in Eau Claire.