Bundles of Fun!

Have you ever wished someone would help you pick books to bring home for your family? You can always ask the Youth Services Staff for personalized recommendations, and you can also check out our selection of pre-made Book Bundles!

Bundles provide families a stack of about 6 books on a popular topic without the work of looking up items in the catalog and finding them on the shelves. There are set topics like dogs, cats, grandparents, shapes, books that rhyme, unicorns, bedtime, and many more. Staff also have fill-in tags which I like best! I love to get creative and make bundles about rainbows, mermaids, kindness, and even pizza. All Youth Services staff help put bundles together and we strive to have a good range of new, classic, and diverse books.

You can find Book Bundles on the first range of picture books, A-B/B-D. On your next library visit stop and see if there is a topic you would like to read with your family! Take the bundle, leave the tag and band in the basket on the range, and check out all the books at self-check. We hope you enjoy the surprise and ease of these pre-made bundles!