Can You Survive…Book Scouts?

Traversing a raging river on a slippery log. Foraging for wild berries. Setting a broken bone. Yup…just an ordinary night at book club.

Book Scout book club members put their wilderness survival skills to the test this September (albeit from the comfort of home) by voting their way through a series of challenges from Can You Survive The Wilderness? by Matt Doeden. Do you think you have the expertise to survive? Choose your own interactive survival adventure from the exciting “You Choose” series and put your skills to the test!

The real challenge of the night, though, may have come from solving a series of Mad Gab riddles. To play Mad Gabs, one person repeats a nonsensical sentence aloud until the group can decipher what they are actually trying to say:

Ape Hand Hub Hair*

Gnome Ore Mist Her Nice Thy*

We capped off the meeting with a round of National Geographic Funny Fill-ins! Create your own mixed-up story (and learn about parts of speech) with this Mad Lib-style generator.

Book Scouts offers two sections of book clubs, the Story Seekers and the Page Turners, perfect for kids in grades 3-5. Meetings are held virtually, and include discussion time, games, interesting videos, and fun craft and STEM projects to complete independently! Meetings are held on the Third Thursday of the month. Learn more and register today.



*Mad Gab solutions:

A panda bear.

No more mister nice guy.

See you later!