Game Time!

My family loves games.  Board games, card games, yard games, escape rooms…  If you have a new game, we’re probably game to try it!  One of my favorites growing up was a game that I called “One Word at a Time.”  No game pieces are needed which makes it perfect to play on a whim.  (It also means there are no pieces to misplace!)  If you or your family are looking for an activity, give this one a try!  It goes like this…

One Word at a Time:

Each player takes a turn at coming up with a prompt, such as, “What would you do if you saw a real dinosaur playing at the park?” or “You found a hidden treasure chest full of gold coins!  What will you do with it?”  All players answer the prompt with a collective response, each giving only one word at a time.  For example, I might begin with the word “I.”  The player to my right might respond “would.”  The following string of responses might look something like: “do” “jumping” “jacks” “and” “follow” “the” “suspicious” “trail” “of” etc.  Try adding words the other players won’t expect!  Each player responds with one word at a time until the question has been answered…OR add a conjunction word to keep the story going.

Need more prompt ideas to get started?  Try some of these:

    • “A talking gerbil just passed by and told me the strangest story.  He said…”
    • “You were just asked to invent the next best-selling game.  What is it and how do you play it?”
    • “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops I would…”
    • “What would you do if you caught Goldilocks sitting in YOUR chair?”

Have fun!!