Where did all the Graphic Novels Go?

Have you noticed your favorite graphic novels are hard to find? Graphic novels are incredibly popular and circulate like crazy, especially in the summer months. Take a look at the 25 most popular graphic novels of 2023!

We own multiple copies of each title, some of which we own up to 15 copies. Each of these books have been taken home over seven times this year. It is currently August, which means these books are rarely on the shelf. In order to ensure you get to read these popular titles, we suggest placing books on hold.

Unclear how to place a hold? Follow the instructions below!


Step 1: Go to the More catalog and click “log in/My More”










Step 2: Click Log In / Register









Step 3: Enter your library card number and pin and click, “Log In”





Need help with a pin? Call the library, we would be happy to help! 715-839-5003



Step 4: search for title and click “place hold”