If Kids Built a Library…

By now you are probably well aware that we are moving our library back downtown in August. We are looking forward to so many fun features in our newly renovated building. (An expanded Dabble Box? A larger Storytime Room? Waaaay more space for books and activities and fun?? Yes. Please.) We know kids and families are going to love our new space…but we started wondering: What if KIDS designed a library? What sorts of features would they include?

So, we asked them!

This summer, we invited kids of all ages to describe and draw their dream libraries, and we’ve been collecting their ideas on our wall. Turns out kids have a LOT of ideas.
I took some time recently to look over the designs. And, while there were many familiar suggestions (books, toys and crafts, cozy places to read), I saw a lot of delightfully surprising ideas too! I’ve pulled together a few of our favorites to share with you here. If you are inspired, leave your own ideas in the comments—we’d love to see your suggestions too!
Books, play area, dance party room, place to learn and read – Max, 6
A petting zoo for animal lovers like me – Nadia, 12
A pool, a play, a zoo, a book, a fun – Ella, 8
It would have a lot of books. Ten thousand books. And it would have a play place that you could swing and slide with monkey bars! And it would have chairs for the grown ups to sit on. – George, 6
Water park library! – Amelia, 7

A big lounge area where people could sit and read, a shelf where kids could make books and set them for others to read, and a small play area (with supervisors) where parents could drop their kids off and go look for books!! – Georgia, 11
Lots of books and comfy chairs to sit on – Ella, 9
A squirrel petting zoo and only books about squirrels – Emmy, 10
There would be a display case where a couple kids of different ages and different interests could recommend books they like to other kids – Megan, 12
A playground! – Violette, 7

Bunnies – Kinley, 6
A sweet little bathroom with a bouquet of lilacs, a snack room, a play area, a playground, a pool area with a hot tub (ages 9 and over), a computer area (with kids games on it), an area with books to check out, and a checkout area! – Arieanna, 9(1/2)
Cotton candy, ice cream, kitties, drawing stuff, books, scooters, blue walls, water slides, hop scotch, fun – Elyse, 8
Fish, animals, jungle gym, snacks, food, really comfy areas – Evelyn, 12
A zoo, a playground, books, toys, a fake post office, and computers – Summer, 8

Lots of gymnastics books – Holly, 10
Comfy places to read – Allison, 12
A whole section of just scary books (just a thought) – Ashlyn, 10
Dinos, lollipops, cats, parrots – Charlie, 7
It would have a place where people could write stories, and every month a book someone wrote would be available to read – Noura, 10

Heart shelves – Lilly, 7
A treehouse shaped like an elephant! A petting zoo with fawns, baby horses, and more! – Everlee, 7
Fish tank – Juniper, 4
A special shelf for books with animals and it would also have a book drop that looks like you’re feeding a monster – Ellie, 10
A waterpark! – Claire, 7

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