Kids, display your treasures @ the library!

What do your kids collect? Pokémon cards, LEGO, erasers, rocks? Whatever it is, we want to see it here in the kid’s department!

Attached to the ‘reading cave,’ there are 3 display cases for kids to set up their collections. Each display is up for 2 weeks and kids can sign up for one spot a year. Many kids and adults love to stop by and see the collections, and have the opportunity to leave a comment card. Those get delivered to the displayer with a thank you letter at the end of their 2 weeks.

To sign up, you simply go to the YS desk and say you/your child wants to display their collection. A quick exchange of contact information completes the process! You will leave with an instruction sheet and your set up day. Reminder emails will be sent as well. Please keep in mind, reservations fill up fast, so your set up day may be a few weeks out.

Reach out to YS staff if you have any questions; otherwise we can’t wait to see the amazing treasures your kiddos collect!