New Activity Backpacks

You may be familiar with the Nature Backpacks in Youth Services. Well, we have some exciting news.  There are 8 all-new backpack themes available to check out! Activity backpacks are a collection of approximately 3-5 books and various activities based on a theme. Learn a new magic trick using sleight of hand in the Magic Tricks and Illusions Activity Backpack. Interested in an outdoor scavenger hunt and fun game of Capture the Flag? You’ll find that in the Outdoor Adventures Backpack. Check out the Engineering theme for building challenges with Keva Contraptions.  Take a look at all the new themes here:

  • Animals
  • Boredom Busters
  • Engineering
  • Family Game Night
  • Magic Tricks and Illusions
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Puzzler

Books and activities in the Activity Backpacks are curated for children in elementary school to early middle school. Newly updated Play Kits for children approximately ages 3-5 are coming soon! Contact Youth Services at 715-839-5007 or for more info.