Storytime Fun


It was such a pleasure to connect with families and share the joy of reading, singing, and playing during our virtual storytime from April – July. While there will be no new storytime events in August, you and your kiddos can still enjoy recordings of both Baby Storytime and Family Storytime on our Facebook page anytime through August 30.

Youth Services staff is busily and excitedly planning a brand new series of storytime fun for the Fall which will run from September 7 – November 25. Please check back in August for more detailed information. For now, we can happily share with you that we are planning three weekly virtual storytime events: a pre-recorded storytime that will premiere every Monday and be available anytime thereafter, a live baby/todder storytime on Tuesdays at 10 AM, and a live family storytime on Wednesdays at 10 AM.

We will also have a limited number of optional storytime kits available for participating families to check out that will contain supplies for enhancing the storytime experience.

Happy reading! Happy August! And we look forward to having your family join us for storytime in September.

There’s still time to catch Ken Lonnquist!

For my family, summer in the Chippewa Valley is all about music, so we were so excited to watch the Ken Lonnquist concert as part of the Summer Library Program. There is still time to watch the show with your family this week!

We’ll also be tuning in next Thursday, July 30th at 6 pm to hear the show on Converge Radio 99.9.

Our favorite spot to listen to the radio is on a blanket in the yard, under the trees. Where is your favorite place to enjoy a great song?

3 Ways to Watch/Listen

  • Click to watch online! 
  • Chippewa Valley Community Television
    • Monday, July 20 – Saturday, July 25 | 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
  • Converge Radio 99.9 FM
    • Thursday, July 30 | 6:00 p.m.

DIY Discovery: You’ve Got Mail

Virtual Performances: Science Tellers

Hey friends! I just finished watching Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress by the Science Tellers as part of the Summer Library Program. What a show! I’m so inspired to try out my own experiments at home now. There are so many great STEAM books in the library catalog and on Hoopla to help me get started.


Are you also inspired? Share your photos of your latest scientific adventures with us.

DIY Discovery: Book Munchers

DIY Discovery: Create a Book Cover

Thank you to Jason Reynolds, author and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, for this project. This prompt comes from the Right. Write. Rite video series, part of Reynold’s Grab the Mic campaign.

Download this book cover template printable and gather items from home to create your project, or request a program bag with all the materials you need to do these activities by emailing Youth Services or calling us at 715-839-5007.

Looking for drawing tutorials? Check out this guide for drawing faces on the Poppy Kay Illustration blog or Jarrett Lerner’s guide to hand lettering and character design.

Bonus Project

Your story is an important part of history. For this reason, the Chippewa Valley Museum and the UWEC McIntyre Library are creating a public archive of the experiences and daily lives of community members about this time of COVID-19.

Their hope is to gather primary sources to help people in the future understand what life was like right now. A primary source is something that was created during or about a historical event made by someone who actually lived through that event. This could be a journal, a letter, a picture, a video, or even a book cover of your life.

Is your book cover impacted by your experiences during this current pandemic? Do you and your grown-ups feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences? If so, you may want to share an image of your book cover to the public archive project. Learn more and/or share your book cover to the archive project website:


Grown-ups: Do you find that the pandemic is a difficult subject to discuss? The Center for Disease Control has compiled useful resources for having conversations about the coronavirus with your children.

Preschool STEM: Resources

If you’re looking for some fun and interactive experiments to introduce, expand, or enhance your kids’ knowledge in the areas of STEAM (or if you’re simply looking for a fun afternoon project!), check out this great selection of STEAM activity e-books through Hoopla. Look for the “Learning with STEAM” categories. There are activity books for young children through teen to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. E-materials may be checked out from Hoopla with your Eau Claire library card.

Quick Links

Try-It Tray: Toilet Paper Roll Book Festival

Have you ever heard of an edible book festival? The library has hosted a few. You make a cake inspired by a favorite book. A few photos from past library festivals are shown here.

Well, I’m no baker, but I do like crafts. I decided to take a common household recyclable—the toilet paper roll—and see if I could turn that into a representation of a favorite book. First I made a hobbit house to celebrate the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which my daughter and I are reading aloud right now. See the round door?

Then I made another. And another. Then my daughter made a few. So, what we really have here is The Shire!

Now it’s your turn to use your imagination! Bake a cake. Turn a toilet paper roll into Pete the Cat. Or Jack and Annie’s treehouse. Are you having trouble imagining how to do that? No worries. Just give your child a toilet paper roll and whatever materials you can find, from extra buttons to sticks in the yard. Kids can do amazing things, and they really like trying!

Whatever you do, send your pictures to us—we’d love to see them. Send us your project photos via email or post them to our Facebook page. They may end up in our Community Photo gallery!


Parent Play & Learn: Make a Wish

May there always be…wishes!

For the month of May, Jim Gill—an award-winning children’s musician—is collecting wishes from children around the country which he will share while performing his song “May There Always Be Sunshine” on his YouTube channel.

To participate in this special opportunity, start by talking with your child about their favorite things. What people, places, activities, and objects do they love? What makes those things special? Then, invite them to select their favorite thing to complete the sentence “May there always be….” Have your child write (or help them write) their sentence on a piece of paper, and encourage them to draw a picture about it.

View the explanation of the activity on Jim Gill’s YouTube channel.

Find the complete instructions under the News section of Jim Gill’s website.

Early Literacy Connection

Serve-and-return or back-and-forth conversations with children are brain-building activities. While you talk to them, they are exercising their listening and comprehension skills, and when they talk to you, they are building their capacity for expressive vocabulary. Early writing strengthens fine-motor skills, letter knowledge, and helps children understand that print on a page is associated with spoken language.

We’d love to see your wishes! Email your photos to Youth Services and we may feature them on our Community Photo gallery.

Preschool STEM: Flashlight Assembly

Engineering is all about finding out how things are built and why. Explore the inside of a flashlight with your kids!

Flashlight Assembly: Activity & Conversation Starters

Sometimes trial and error is the best way to see what works and what doesn’t! Take time to explore the flashlight and all of its parts.

1. Take apart a flashlight and see what’s inside. How do you think this flashlight works?

2. Let’s put the flashlight back together again.

3. Explore! It is ok if the battery isn’t put in the right direction the first time. This allows the chance for problem solving!

4. Time to play! What games can you play with a flashlight? How about flashlight tag or “I Spy” in the dark? Or build a blanket fort (another engineering project!) and read a bedtime story with a flashlight in the fort.

Have fun!

Click for printable instructions (pdf)