Riddle Me This

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been inspired by the creativity and positive spirit of our community. One of my favorite examples of this is a house in my neighborhood that hangs a daily riddle, written in marker on white paper, on their front door. My family is always eager to see what the new riddle will be and to test our collective wits.

In this spirit, I encourage you to try these brainteasers from Riddles at Home by Lisa Regan, part of the Riddle Me This! series, available on Hoopla at the time of this post (pages 7, 12).

Try this! Make your own riddle

1. Choose an answer
For example, choose an animal, a famous book character, or an object from your house.

2. Write down a few clues that describe your answer
Can you think of creative ways to describe it? What does it look, feel, smell, taste, sound like?
Add a second part to some of your sentences that starts with “but not.” For example, I am tall, but not large.

3. Share your riddle!
Can you stump your friends or family members?

4. Ready to take it up a notch?
Check out these wordplay tips from Reading Rockets!

Looking for more puzzles, brainteasers, and riddles? Take a peek at these activities from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Riddle One Answer

Riddle Two Answer