Riddle: Crossing the River

Kids, do you love a good riddle? If you do, we challenge you to solve our Crossing the River riddle! While we provide our answer below, we’d love to hear your solutions. Email us at ysstaff@eauclaire.lib.wi.us to share your solutions and photos!

Riddle: Crossing the River

You have a dinosaur, a pack of fruit snacks, and a goat.

You must cross the Chippewa River, but you can bring only one at a time.

If you leave the dinosaur with the goat, the dinosaur will eat the goat.

If you leave the goat with the fruit snacks, the goat will eat the fruit snacks.

How do you get all three across the river safely?

Printable color copy here (PDF)

For the riddle’s solution, click here for a video or click here for text.