WRITE: My Perfect Library, II

Have you thought about what your “perfect” library would contain? What it would look like or feel like? Below are several teens’ re-imagined library spaces. And there’s still time for you to send us your vision of a perfect library! (You will earn Teen Raffle entries! Find out more here.)

Reagan, 9th Grade

When I think of a perfect library my imagination starts getting restless and encourages me to say something like a book-treehouse built in the center of the library, on a massive, real tree spanning the lobby. But maybe a little more of a subdued reply would be a little station where you could learn how books are bound, printed and published, or even a station where you could publish your books yourself? I have always wondered and wanted to know about the process that brought so many wonderful books into our hands, and have dreamt of publishing my own one day! I love how much libraries nurture a desire for learning and curiosity, and I feel like that addition would do nicely to further that quality.

Naomi, 6th Grade

In my perfect library I would find a Raspberry Pi to use. On the Raspberry Pi people would use their library cards to get into an account with their projects. To go along with the Raspberry Pi there would be a Breadboard, LEDs, Resistors, and other electronic components. The Raspberry Pi would have a circuit breaker so that nobody shorted the circuit. By the mini computer there could be bookshelves of Raspberry Pi how-to books so inexperienced programmers could learn how to use the electronics. Jump drives would be on the table that the Pi was on and could be checked out to take home games and play them on home computers. All these things would go in my perfect library.

Madeline, 6th Grade

In my perfect library, I would find different shelves with different types of books on them. Like a shelf for famous authors like J.K. Rowling. And there would be a corner for quiet reading, and a art show once a month. There would be a box for book donations, and a bunch of bean-bag chairs for sitting on and reading. In Christmas time, there would be a ball, and everyone could dance together, and there would be a table of snacks and drinks. And there would be games and prizes for the winners. And at the end of the ball the library would collect money to donate.

Ben, 6th Grade

In my perfect library, I would have a movie theater that would play a different movie everyday. There would be a snack bar for snacks for the movie and reclining seats to recline and watch the movie. There would also be a relaxing section for people who don’t want to watch the movie and just want to relax and read. There would also be some artwork and lots of books at this library. In conclusion, I think a movie theater would be a great add-on to a library to give people a little relaxation.

Gabriella, 6th Grade

I would find happiness in the library because I know people love to read books. When people can check out books and read them, I feel happy. Think about if you were a book. You would want people to read you, right? Reading books is also great for your brain, and you might learn some new words or phrases. There are also bookmarks at a library. Bookmarks are very helpful and keep your place in a book. You could even make your own bookmark! The library is a great place to borrow books. If you have not been to the library, go there and read some books!

Summer Reading Check-In

How’s your summer reading going? Are you almost done with your reading goal? Did you get caught up with doing summery things and forget about it? Well, it’s not too late to finish up and get your prize book. There are two and a half weeks left in the Summer Library Program, so I urge you to get those minutes/chapters/books done! We have a lot of awesome prize books to choose from, and I would love to give them all away to teens that have completed their reading. We’ve got fantasy, mystery, science fiction, you name it. Remember those #summergoals!

If you’re not done with your reading goal, are you at least halfway? Don’t forget to enter the Teen Prize Raffle! You could win a Kindle Fire, a BAM giftcard, a Bluetooth speaker, and more!

Oh, and have you done any Teen Bonus Activities? These suckers earn extra entries into the Teen Prize Raffle. Write a little something, record a book recommendation, or submit a piece of art for our Fall Art Show and you’re gold!

August 15 is the deadline to get EVERYTHING done (reading, activities, raffle entries).

Good luck on finishing up your reading goals, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. Do you need a book recommendation? Youth Services staff LOVE to give suggestions. Send us an email at ysstaff@eauclaire.lib.wi.us with the information below and we’d be happy to put together a bundle of 5-10 books or email you possible titles.

  • What is your age or grade?
  • What are some books that you have enjoyed in the past?
  • What genre(s) do you like to read?
  • Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
  • What are some of your interests?

WRITE: My Perfect Library, I

As a part of the Teen Summer Library Program, we’re asking you to write about 100 words on your perfect library. We want to hear about something you’d find in that library (besides books) – it could be an item, a feeling, or something else entirely.

To kick us off, here are two teen responses:

Miriam M., 7th Grade

In my perfect library, I would have a cafe and it would have food and coffee so if you have to study or want to read you could have snacks, coffee, and if you don’t like coffee then you can get other drinks! It would be good for the library because they can get money when people buy snacks and drinks. It would also make people want to go to the library more because they will be able to study or read and be able to have a snack at the same time! In conclusion, I think that a cafe would be a good library improvement because it will benefit both the people and the library.

Olivia O., 6th Grade

My perfect library would be lounges all around just for relaxing and reading. Also there would be a magical area where they would guess what book you want and it would float to you like a magical realm.  

Of course there would be all sorts of books and artwork just like the AWESOME library we have in Eau Claire.

Mindful Minute: Spoon Theory

Libby is back with another Mindful Minute! Many people are feeling the negative effects of isolation, including depression. If you want to better understand a common struggle with depression, tune in to learn about “spoon theory.”

Reach out to Libby at libbyr@eauclaire.lib.wi.us with questions on self care during the pandemic. In case of a mental health emergency, contact 911 or Northwest Connections Crisis Services at 888-552-6642.

Smoothie Time!

With all this time at home, have you started to try new recipes? Or thought about trying new recipes? Do you miss fancy beverages from local cafes? I know I miss my favorites (shout out to ECDC and Shift!).

Well, back in the day, I used to work at a coffee shop that also happened to sell stellar fruit smoothies. I love love loved their drinks, and splurged more often than I probably should have as a poor college student. When I left for library work, I started to make my own smoothies at home. They’re SO easy to make – and super tasty! It may seem like too much trouble, but all you need is a blender, fruit or veg, and ice. I mean, what recipe is easier than that?

You can use frozen fruit, fresh fruit, canned fruit – or a combination. Add yogurt, milk (or dairy free alternative), or a little juice. Add a bit of honey or sugar if you need it a little sweeter. Be a rebel and try adding spinach or other vegetables; you never know what deliciousness you may invent.

As the weather starts to warm up, I’m getting into my smoothie groove again, and thought I’d share a favorite recipe with you. Give it a try, and share your pics on Instagram. Be sure to tag us @eclibraryteens.

Tropical Burst Smoothie

3/4 cup frozen pineapple
3/4 cup frozen mango
3/4 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 fresh banana
1/2 cup plain yogurt
4-5 ice cubes (or about 1 cup)

Throw the frozen fruit into a bowl. Microwave for 90-120 seconds to thaw out (or leave on the counter for a few hours. But who has time for that?). Once fruit is mostly thawed, place in blender. Add banana, yogurt, and ice. COVER with lid. You may want to hold the lid down to be safe. Smoothie on the ceiling is NOT fun. Blend until smooth. Poor into a glass, add an eco-friendly straw, and enjoy in the sunshine.*

Looking for more smoothie recipes? The internet has TONS of great suggestions. Or try some of these awesome e-books from the library. We’ve got smoothie books for DAYS. You may need to log in to to see all of them. Use that library card power!

Freading Smoothie E-Books 

Hoopla Smoothie E-Books

*Maybe clean the blender for your parents? Or double the recipe and bribe them with a smoothie so you don’t have to clean.