Maker Monday: Origami Butterfly

Bored and stuck at home? Add some colorful shapes to your windows! The #aworldofhearts initiative encourages people to add paper hearts to their windows to lift everyone’s spirits during this time of COVID. Adding color will lighten up your home and be something fun to notice for people walking around your neighborhood. But, why not butterflies, I say!

Origami Butterfly

Origami may seem intimidating, but this pattern is super simple.

All you need for this activity is square pieces of paper, tape, and colored pencils (optional). Junk mail paper, newspaper, or cut-up paper bags could also work. I used boring notebook paper and added color with markers and colored pencils.

Color your paper ahead of time or add color after you’ve folded your butterfly. Once complete, tape your butterfly to a window of choice.

You’ll have a kaleidoscope of butterflies in no time! Let us know how it went at and share your photos.

Step-by-Step Instructions (with pictures!) by Go Origami

Stressed? Deep Breathing Helps

Are you feeling stressed or panicky? Try just 1 minute of deep breathing to reduce these feelings and move on with your day.

Interested in learning more stress relieving techniques? Explore these ebooks on mindfulness with your library card through Hoopla.

This post is part of a collaboration between RAYS of Eau Claire and L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library. 

Write. Right. Rite. with Jason Reynolds

The awesome YA author Jason Reynolds is starting a new online video series called “Write. Right. Rite.” a part of his Grab the Mic: Tell Your Story initiative. According to the Library of Congress, Reynolds “will share his passion for storytelling while discussing topics like creativity, connection, and imagination.” You can expect fun prompts to explore your own creativity. Read a bit more here.

Free Teen eBooks & eAudiobooks

Teens, have you read everything in your house? Are you desperate to find new, free reading material? In addition to the library’s Digital Media resources (downloadable books, audiobooks, magazines, music), explore the links below for free digital content perfect for you, including books, comics, and audiobooks. Some content is only available during the COVID-19 crisis.

Audible Stories (via Audible) has opened access to some Audible eAudio titles. Audible also offers a paid subscription service

Comixology Free Comics (via Comixology) offers access to a selection of eComics. Comixology also offers a paid subscription service

LibriVox (via Public Domain) is an audio collection of books in the public domain, recorded by volunteers. This site also offers a volunteer opportunity; you can record yourself reading literature in the public domain to add to their collection.

Marvel Unlimited – Free Comics (via Marvel) provides access to certain popular Marvel comics online. Marvel also offers a paid subscription service.

Project Gutenberg (via Public Domain) is one of the largest collections of free eBooks online. All books on Project Gutenberg are in the public domain. Take a look at the current Top 100 downloads.

Riveted Free Reads (via Simon Teen) offers free eBooks and chapter excerpts. This publishing company offers a selection of free titles all year.

Shonen Jump (via VIZ) offers a selection of digital chapters to popular manga. VIZ also offers a paid subscription service.

SYNC Audiobooks for Teens (via Audiofile) is an annual service from Audiofile magazine and partners that provides two free eAudiobooks per week to teens 13+ (and adults) between April 30 and July 29. A list of 2020 titles is available here. The free Sora app is required.

Teen Book Cloud (via Tumblebooks) offers simultaneous unlimited access to their library of eBooks.

List originally compiled by Teen Zone @ CDA Library.

Read This: Infinity Son

Read This is back this week with a recommendation for Infinity Son by Adam Silvera. I may have had a difficult time keeping rival factions straight…can you tell? Let us know your thoughts on the book through email or our social media pages. Enjoy!

Infinity Son is available for download from the our Digital Media page. At the time of this video, the book was available through Hoopla and Freading. Happy reading!