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Make Your Own Oobleck!

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid, a rule-breaker in the world of physics. It changes state from liquid to solid based on pressure. When force is applied, the liquid oobleck acts like a solid! Kids can enjoy learning the science of non-Newtonian fluids, and experimenting with oobleck to discover its properties. Tap it, push it, try […]

February Read Me a Book Club

How do robots eat salsa? With microchips! What do robots wear in winter? Ro-boots! What is a robot’s favorite dance? The Roomba! Join us for some silly robot stories and activities at Read Me A Book Club on Monday, February 28! If you had a magical “Robo-Sauce” that would change you from a squishy human […]

A Monster Ate My Book Club!

What did the critics call Frankenstein’s art project? A monsterpiece! What position do monsters play on soccer teams? Ghoulie! What time is it when a huge monster sits on your car? Time to get a new car! Join us for some silly, not spooky, monster stories and activities at Read Me A Book Club on […]