LEGO Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for a LEGO Building Challenge? We sure are!

LEGO Scavenger Hunt

Create ten LEGO objects (cars, animals, buildings), then hide them around your house for a scavenger hunt! No LEGOs? No problem! Use any materials you have to complete the challenge.

As always, we’d love to see your photos! Email photos of your completed challenge to Your photo may be featured right here, on our Kids website, soon.

– Julia, Youth Services

Try-It Tray: Cardboard Cats

We have a new Try-It Tray this week! Create your own clowder of Cardboard Cats using just cardboard, yarn, and your creativity. Snap a pic and send it to us – we love to see your imagination at work! Your picture may be featured right here, on our Kids website.

Cardboard Cats

This Try-It Tray activity is sweet and simple. Make it with just some cardboard, yarn, and creativity. Or adapt it to materials you have in your home, like an old paper bag for the kitty and crayons for the clothes. I used fabric torn into strips for the example to the left. Have fun and use what you’ve got!

If you do use cardboard, keep the shape simple and large enough to cut easily with a scissors. I made all straight cuts in the example above. Keep the bottom of the cat flat so that you can make two small, upward cuts along the bottom to form the paws on either side and a tab in the middle that can be folded back into a stand for your cat. The face you draw and the clothes you create will make your cat one of a kind!

Alternative idea: Be a rebel and make a dog!

-Sam, Youth Services

Parent Play & Learn: Play

Parents, do the words, “Do you want to play with me?” secretly make you want to take a nap? Parent Play & Learn is back with a project that is sure to spark playtime joy for you and your children.

Tip 1: Delight in sending and receiving letters to and from your kiddos. Visit the link below for ideas on setting up this space in your home.

Tip 2: This activity is an opportunity to develop essential early literacy skills like print awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, and more.

Send us your pics of what pretend play looks like at your house!

-Jerissa, Youth Services