LEGO Challenge: Colors

It’s time for a LEGO Building Challenge! Give the challenge below a go and let us know how it went.

LEGO Color Challenge

Create a design using blocks of only ONE color. No LEGOs? No problem! Use any materials you have to complete the challenge.

For more Lego inspiration, check out the Brick Books series, available at the time of this post on Hoopla, with your EC Library card.

Have your own challenge to throw down? Email us and we may just feature it in future weeks.

As always, we’d love to see your photos! Email photos of your completed challenge to Your photo may be featured right here on our Kids website.

Preschool STEM: Build a Fort

ENGINEERING is this week’s focus for Preschool STEM, with a great family fun activity: fort building!

Fort Building: Activity & Conversation Starters

Engineering is all about finding out how things are built and why. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to see what works and what doesn’t!

1. Find materials to build a fort. You could try bed sheets, blankets, furniture, a tarp, or a clothesline.

2. What did you find? Are you going to build a fort inside or outside?!

3. What could be used to secure the different parts of the fort so they stay standing? I can think of clothespins, string, chip clips, rubber bands.

4. What else? Does your fort require a secret password to enter?

Share a picture of your fort creation! Send to

Click here to download instructions (PDF).

Read This: Infinity Son

Read This is back this week with a recommendation for Infinity Son by Adam Silvera. I may have had a difficult time keeping rival factions straight…can you tell? Let us know your thoughts on the book through email or our social media pages. Enjoy!

Infinity Son is available for download from the our Digital Media page. At the time of this video, the book was available through Hoopla and Freading. Happy reading!