Preschool STEM: Oobleck

Our popular Preschool STEM series is now online! Discover solids, liquids, and even the in-between with your kids in this science experiment. If you have cornstarch and water then you’re all set!


Oobleck: solids, liquids, and in between.

1. A liquid is something that can be poured. Find things that are liquid around your house. What other liquids can you think of?

2. Solids cannot be poured. What can you find around your house or outside that are solids?

3. There is also something in between a solid and a liquid called a suspension. Sometimes a suspension appears to be a liquid and a solid.

4. Oobleck is a suspension. Make your own Oobleck!

5. Stir together 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water.

6. Experiment with the Oobleck. How does it act like a solid? How does it act as a liquid?

Downloadable instructions (pdf)