Preschool STEM: Flashlight Assembly

Engineering is all about finding out how things are built and why. Explore the inside of a flashlight with your kids!

Flashlight Assembly: Activity & Conversation Starters

Sometimes trial and error is the best way to see what works and what doesn’t! Take time to explore the flashlight and all of its parts.

1. Take apart a flashlight and see what’s inside. How do you think this flashlight works?

2. Let’s put the flashlight back together again.

3. Explore! It is ok if the battery isn’t put in the right direction the first time. This allows the chance for problem solving!

4. Time to play! What games can you play with a flashlight? How about flashlight tag or “I Spy” in the dark? Or build a blanket fort (another engineering project!) and read a bedtime story with a flashlight in the fort.

Have fun!

Click for printable instructions (pdf)