Preschool STEM: Block Center

MATH is this week’s feature for our Preschool STEM virtual series. Children learn best through play and preschool math can be as easy as building a toy train. Try out this “math lesson” with your little ones!

Build & Measure Block Center: Activity & Conversation Starters


  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Building materials, such as Legos, Duplos, toy blocks, or even cereal boxes or empty pop cans!

1. Can you name the numerals on the rulers?

2. Build a tower with your building materials. How high is it?

3. Is a tower built with Lego Duplos or wood blocks more stable? How can you make it more sturdy?
This is engineering!

4. Build a long train by laying items end to end. Measure how long it is. How many pieces did you use?

Share a picture of your towers! Email us at or share via Facebook. 

Click here for printable instructions! (PDF)