Try-It Tray: Take-Away Game

This Try-It Tray is an easy, adaptable, fun game that’s perfect for kids of any age. Use those random knickknacks, tiny toys, or art supplies to create a new game! Play it to pass the time or keep score to select a victor, it’s completely up to you.

Take-Away Game

1. Put 10 to 20 objects in the middle of a table.
Objects might include small toys or items from a kitchen, desk, or purse.

2. All players but one close their eyes.

3. The player with eyes open selects one object and hides it under the table.

4. The player that first guesses which object is missing gets to remove the next object.

We’d love to see your game! What objects did you use? Did you add other rules? Email your stories and photos to and we may feature them on our Community Photo gallery.