Dice Game

I love to write and illustrate my own stories, but am occasionally stuck for inspiration. This silly dice game is a fun way to spark your creativity! All you need to grab is one die, and writing or drawing tools.

Roll a Story / Roll a Drawing Printable (PDF)

You can also contact Youth Services for a program bag with all of the materials that you will need to complete this activity.

Call us at 715-839-5007 or send an email to Youth Services.

Dog Man Virtual Meet-Ups

Hey, supa-buddies! Sarah Hatoff has an important report on Dog Man Virtual Meet-ups set for NEXT WEEK. Don’t forget to sign up!

Sign Up Link!

More information on this awesome event is available on our DIY Discovery page.

DIY Discovery: You’ve Got Mail

DIY Discovery: Book Munchers

DIY Discovery: Create a Book Cover

Thank you to Jason Reynolds, author and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, for this project. This prompt comes from the Right. Write. Rite video series, part of Reynold’s Grab the Mic campaign.

Download this book cover template printable and gather items from home to create your project, or request a program bag with all the materials you need to do these activities by emailing Youth Services or calling us at 715-839-5007.

Looking for drawing tutorials? Check out this guide for drawing faces on the Poppy Kay Illustration blog or Jarrett Lerner’s guide to hand lettering and character design.

Bonus Project

Your story is an important part of history. For this reason, the Chippewa Valley Museum and the UWEC McIntyre Library are creating a public archive of the experiences and daily lives of community members about this time of COVID-19.

Their hope is to gather primary sources to help people in the future understand what life was like right now. A primary source is something that was created during or about a historical event made by someone who actually lived through that event. This could be a journal, a letter, a picture, a video, or even a book cover of your life.

Is your book cover impacted by your experiences during this current pandemic? Do you and your grown-ups feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences? If so, you may want to share an image of your book cover to the public archive project. Learn more and/or share your book cover to the archive project website:


Grown-ups: Do you find that the pandemic is a difficult subject to discuss? The Center for Disease Control has compiled useful resources for having conversations about the coronavirus with your children.

DIY Discovery: Time Capsule Journal

Help your school-age child capture their most memorable moments this summer with our Time Capsule Journal. Filled with writing prompts, word finds, mad libs, and more, this activity journal will be a place for your child to record their thoughts, goals, and favorite memories as they live them during the summer of 2020. Store the completed journal in a safe place, and return to it and reminisce with your child in the future.

You may download and print the journal from home, or you can call Youth Services at 715-839-5007 to schedule an appointment to pick up a journal at the library, while supplies last.

Consider sharing photos of your child with their journal by emailing We would love to feature your pics on the Kids’ page of the library website.