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Addresses, Businesses, Jobs, Phone Numbers (Eau Claire Library Card required)
AtoZdatabases (Eau Claire Library Card required)
Auto Repair Source
BadgerLink Wisconsin’s Online Library
Community Information Database
Consumer Reports (Ebsco) Free Wisconsin DMV Practice Tests
EBSCOhost Databases
LearningExpress Library
Literary Reference Center (Ebsco)
Novelist Plus (MORE Library Card) (Ebsco)

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Language Learning

Mango (Eau Claire Library Card required)
Mango Languages is a 100% accessible language-learning system. Need help getting started? Ask at Information & Reference or click for sign-up instructions. Mango is funded by a donation from the Susan Monroe Estate.

Transparent Languages Online (MORE Library Card)

The following sites are offering temporary access offsite:

Ancestry Library Edition (Please follow these instructions: Ancestry Access from Home)
Foundation Directory Online Professional

Temporary Offsite Access Available at Please contact Information & Reference at 715-839-5004 or at for login credentials.
Professional-grade resource for car and truck maintenance and repair for vehicles from 1966 to the present.
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