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Flashback Dinner

Hubert Cole


“My interest in serious photography began after attending an Ansel Adams lecture in 1978. Over the years I have utilized black-white films, color film, and color slides then in 2008 I purchased a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) and donated all my film equipment to a local high school.

I consider myself to be a serious amateur who makes photographs across a variety of genres. Landscapes top my list, but I have expanded in recent years to include architecture abstracts, cityscapes, events, travel, and street photography. In essence, I make photographs as I travel about the United States with my bride (Vicki) of 50 plus years and our four-legged furry kids. I do not consider a photograph complete until I print it and hold it in my hands .

Printing and exhibiting my photography has been my principal focus since retiring in 2013 from University of Wisconsin-Stout. Prior to my accounting teaching career, I spent twenty years working for AT&T in various information systems operational and financial management positions.”

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Price: $125
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