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Candace Hennekens

oil and cold wax on wood panel

“I have been painting for more than twenty years and have moved through many artistic mediums and different levels of abstraction. When I found oil and cold wax, I felt free to become totally abstract and non-objective. This allows me to focus on shape, color, line, and texture and compose a dramatic design that captures the viewer and holds their interest. I work from a deeply intuitive response to the settings and seasons around me. I enjoy experimenting and being bold and fearless in my artistic life.

Painting for me expresses an appreciation of the natural world and of life itself. Nature fuels my soul and connects me to the divine. I find inspiration in the colors, shapes, and textures found in the natural world around me. I’ve been fortunate to live in rural or semi-rural settings my whole life, most of it in Wisconsin but also in the southwest, and have been surrounded by beautiful trees, plants, bushes, sky, and water since birth. The world is facing a climate crisis and my hope is that my art awakens or rekindles a similar love of the natural world in the viewer and promotes a desire to preserve it.”

Artist Instagram: @swallownest

Price: $175
Contact for details.