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Jennifer Hazen

acrylic on bone

“I’ve been picking up pieces of nature for most of my life. Interestingly shaped wood, rocks, fungal growth, and bones have always captured my eye. Three years ago while recovering from a surgery my attention continued to wander to a large leg bone–probably from a cow–I’d found in my woods. Despite the fear that I’d ruin its natural beauty I took the bone from my mantel and started painting on it. I loved the result and soon my spare time was consumed with painting bones. I was shocked when, at 56, people started calling what I did art and calling me an artist. It’s never too late to discover–and chase–a passion.

All bones are locally sourced, found in the woods or on farms and donated to the artist. This horse skull is from Brad Bahr’s farm in Alma Wisconsin. 50% of all artist’s proceeds are given to an agency that helps folks experiencing housing insecurity.”

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Price: $300
Contact for details.