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Light Series # 77

Mary LaVenture


“Utilizing long exposure, digital photography, I paint with my camera. I use a variety of light sources and movement to create unexpected abstract narratives. Creating shapes, patterns, and variations in line and texture by moving both the camera and the subject matter during the exposure allows me to turn items from daily life into visual energy.

My art is as much about the process of making the photograph as it is about the final product. The physical movement and repetitive building upon each image allows me to experiment while also having some control during the 1-5 second exposures. I enjoy the energy and unexpected outcomes that reveal themselves during my mix of shoot-from-the-hip and formal studio setups.”

Mary LaVenture is an artist and photographer living in Menomonie, Wisconsin. She works in both digital and traditional film photography. Mary’s current work looks at how manipulating light can create unexpected narratives. Whether it is large-scale macro photography or long exposure abstract compositions, she invites viewers to pause a moment and look more carefully at the world around them.

Mary has a BFA in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a Masters in Telecommunications from Indiana University. She has worked on numerous video, photography, and collaborative fine art projects over the years.

Price: $200
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