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Ken Krautbauer

digital photograph/imaging

“My work is strongly influenced by the Japanese view of ‘Wabi-Sabi,’ which is centered on the acceptance of imperfection. It espouses that nothing lasts, is finished, or is perfect. Additionally, Raku pottery, with its vibrant and intense colors, plays a strong role in my image development process.

Generally, my work is more abstract then photo journalistic. My goal is not to ‘capture’ objects or events as trophies or specimens. It is about imaging alternatives to sameness and presenting a more impressionistic and abstract view. It is about challenging myself and others to look beyond the surface, to stimulate expansion of interpretation, and to encourage discovery and rediscovery of the visual. Sharpness and clarity are secondary to mood, emotion, and vision.

These efforts are not the destination, but a few steps in my journey. They, as well as myself, are a work in progress.”

Price: $249
Contact for details.