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Flyover Country

Jamie Bowers

acrylic, oil crayon, mesh on wood panel

“I am an abstract painter whose interest and inspiration lie in the process of the picture I create. Often, I paint with a particular living space in mind and choose colors and design elements to fit the space and décor, regardless of whether the space actually exists or is purely imaginary. I enjoy the process of completing a painting. Each step is experimental in many ways, and each is important to the final result. It is a process of problem solving, with successes and failures. I find that aspect very exciting and rewarding. Primarily I paint on wood panels. The rigidity of the wood surface allows me to aggressively scrape and sand the work as I build or deconstruct layers of paint or plaster, depending on the painting. Texture and vivid color are hallmarks of my paintings, and I am constantly experimenting with various combinations of paint, plaster, and polyurethane finishes. I enjoy creating larger-scale, multi-panel paintings for corporate/commercial settings and homes with large walls and open areas.”

Price: $675
Contact for details.