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Quenten Brown

digital photo collage

“This piece, like others in its series, deals with childhood pieces of ephemera, and using that ephemera to process memories.

Front and back covers from comic books from the 1980’s were painstakingly saved and packaged away. As a semi interested comic book collector, I was most drawn to the intense colors, aggressively slanted font, and angularly muscled heroes that projected strength, hope, and the ability to kick ass at a moments notice.

Stacks of these indirect descendants of Hero Pulps were recently unearthed, cataloged and photographed, much like an archivist would do to precious works. It was in this ‘archival process’ that I realized the importance that these artifacts had on my upbringing and world view.

These photos were uploaded to Photoshop, where triangles were ‘cut’ out of the covers and meticulously layered onto a large digital document and printed. A square viewfinder was then dropped randomly on the printout, creating new and unseen compositions. These new, smaller compositions are photographed again, enlarged and printed onto photographic paper.

The final pieces, like this piece (entitled ‘By’), recall images of and from childhood, but at the same time, no specific series or heroes are featured in the compositions.”

Size: 12″ x 12″
Price: $200

Contact for details.