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Early Spring, Beaver Creek

Leslie Stewart

pastel on sanded board

“When considering the theme In a Roundabout Way for this year’s summer show, I immediately thought of time I had spent at the Beaver Creek Nature Preserve, not only for the obvious meandering of the creek itself or the animal/human tracks along its shorelines but for how the landscape reveals itself to you on a hike through the preserve. In late March with the creek beginning to thaw, the world looks upside down with all the reflections in the creek. It was on just such a day during a dark time in my life that I heard a great deal of chattering. I rounded a bend to catch a glimpse of some noisy otters playing before they scampered off–a message to lighten up and be present to how nature can bring us back around to ourselves.”

Price: $400
Size: 12″ x 9″
Contact for details.