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Sargasso Swim

Holli Jacobson

acrylic on Canvas

“In a recent radio story, I was intrigued by a piece of information that no human has ever witnessed the mating of the common eel. The mystery of their origins perplexed scientists and thinkers for hundreds of years. Aristotle believed eels arose from the mud while others believe they were born from horse tails that fell in the water. A Danish explorer, Johannes Schmidt searched the seas for 19 years until he finally discovered the approximate location of eel larvae in the Sargasso Sea. Even today, with our advanced technology, we have never witnessed eels mating in captivity or in nature.

The life cycle of the eel, along with the mystery of its origins felt like a perfect fit for our theme, In a Roundabout Way. Nothing about them was simple, clear or defined. Similarly, my painting started on one path and ended in a completely different place: an abstract image reminiscent of sea, plants and creatures. I hope to spark wonder and interest on the subjects of the American eel and the Sargasso Sea and encourage viewers to learn more.”

Price: $375
Size: 18″ x 18″
Contact for details.