Tough Topics Book Club

A message from Libby


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your past involvement with our library’s Tough Topics Book Club. It has been a wonderful journey over the last 5 years meeting new people to have challenging discussions with, however, I have decided to leave my role at the library to begin a new chapter. With my departure, the library has decided to halt the Tough Topics Book Club. The Book Club being hosted on February 21st will be the final Tough Topics Book Club.

For those who have participated over the years, thank you for being some of the first people who helped navigate this new program. Your involvement will help shape the future of the Tough Topics programming. In the meantime, keep talking about the hard things and being wonderful change agents!

Upcoming Titles

The Tough Topics Book Club is currently on hold until further notice.

If you’re looking for book recommendations please look through our previous titles listed below.

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