Chippewa Room Request Form - Seats 20-25

Please note that this information must be submitted 10 days in advance.
  • Identify date and time of room reservation:
  • Select the time you would like to enter the room. Please allow time for setup before your program begins.
  • Select the time you plan to exit the room.
  • Set-up: Please view the standard set-up for this room. Please view the standard set-up for this room. If any changes are made the user is responsible for returning the set-up to the original arrangement. - Kitchenette access included. Large-capacity coffee-makers are available, as well as a stove and refrigerator. Users requesting kitchen facilities are responsible for clean-up, including washing their dishes. Equipment available in the Chippewa Room: - LCD Projector(use with your laptop or the library DVD player) - Blu-ray/DVD player - 65” television screen - Easel w/white board

    As an authorized adult representative for the above organization, I hereby apply for the use of the facilities as indicated above. I have read the Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines and agree that they will be strictly observed. The meeting will be open to the public and no fees will be charged at this event. The applicant/organization agrees to save and keep the L.E. Phillps Memorial Public Library harmless from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of the use of the meeting room facilities and equipment.

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