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Aries Altar: The Tenacity of Spring

First Place

Kelly Speros

colored pencil on Grafix

“People often say, when looking at a piece of my work, ‘It looks so real!’ They are right. It doesn’t look ‘real’ like a photograph, but there is a quality of realness in it. I use colored pencils to create my art and, as any colored pencil artist will tell you, it is a slow and unforgiving medium. The colors and textures are developed by slowly and carefully laying down layer upon layer of pigments (up to 40 plus layers sometimes!). Unforgiving because there is no erasing a mistake! These characteristics require me to study and examine my reference photo intensely. To notice the things that are unseen to the passive looker but that embody the qualities of reality to the subject is my goal in each piece. This intention reveals the nature and personality hidden in each subject.”

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Price: $2,000
Contact for details.