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The Dressing Room

Heidi Schreiner


“I have a gut reaction to color and paint. Running through the store and loading up on art supplies? YES! Gorgeous art? Same. When I paint, I am looking for that same gut reaction.

When I connect with other people through my art, it’s joyous. Sharing art captures that connection. I have found that when I’m surrounded by beauty, it elevates my spirit, and I want others to experience that, too.

My subjects vary from a tiny pig sculpture to a portrait to coffee cups – in each, I have found that spark of joy. My painting style varies from careful detail to more abstract, and I look for the swoosh of paint or a special color in each painting. It’s both the subject and the paint that make it magical for me.”

Size: 8″ x 10″
Price: $200

Contact for details.