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Mykitas Epoch – Tea Cake

CV Peterson

fungus, gold leaf, botanical dyes, porcelain plate

“CV Peterson sculpts with fungus. By combining art and scientific exploration to explore human-caused environmental devastation they bring climate change research to a wider audience. Their main body of work, “Mykitas Epoch,” explores a playful dystopic view of how plastic is our legacy and fungus is the solution. Through the use of performance, installation, sculpture and paintings they bring a tongue-in-cheek response to major green issues.

A mycelium treat garnished in botanical dyes and precious metals. A nouveau approach for any plastic-laden soiree. Sustainability is so in vogue. Fungus donated by Ecovative Design, a company that uses it as a bio-alternative to Styrofoam.”

Size: 2.5″ x 5″ x 5″
Price: $300

Contact for details.