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Empty Bottle of Wine

Michael Peterson

mixed media

“Finding the beauty in the discarded material is the drive behind my current work. Collecting trash– twine, mesh, leather, paper, textured packaging is a fundamental ritual in my process. All of this comes home with me and, with the use of carpet tacks, wood bases, gesso and paint, creative unity is manifested. One person’s trash is another’s texture. My practice is intuitive creation, adding, subtracting, building in layers, unrelated materials become related, happenstance, chance, accidents become beauty. I strive to make my work come off the wall and be a part of the viewer’s space. Not only to be seen, but to stimulate tactility.
In the years following my return from the Air Force in the 80’s I have seen my community adapt, change and grow. Having outlived many of my old haunts and galleries I find myself trying to capture the moments of long past experiences. I find beauty in the rough and that includes life.”

Size: 31″ x 15″ x 2″
Price: $400

Contact for details.